Seasonal Bulb Database


This segment features the the showstoppers of the border garden... those lovely perennial flowers.  Perennials are flowers that die back to the ground annually, but return each spring ready to please us with a cornucopia of every changing color.


Our goal is to provide you with accurate plant details and photographs of each plant.  This will be  a longtime work-in-process.  Please check back on a regular basis to see the new and exciting additions to this database...

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Please click on plant name to see a photo and detailed information about that plant.


· Allium aflatunense Giant Purple Flowered Ornamental Onion (lilac purple)
· Allium aflatunense 'Purple Sensation' Purple Sensation Ornamental Onion (reddish purple)
· Allium albopilsum Star of Persia (amethyst/violet)
· Allium atropurpureum Purple Flowering Onion (maroon purple)
· Allium azureum  Blue of the Heavens (cornflower blue)
· ¹ Allium cernuum  ¹ Nodding Onion (light pink to lilac)
· Allium flavum  Fragrant Yellow Allium (golden yellow)
· Allium 'Forelock' Forelock Ornamental Onion (white tipped, mahogany red florets)
· Allium karataviense Ornamental Onion (ivory white/pink highlights)
· Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen' Ivory Queen Turkesten Onion (soft green above blue green foliage)
· Allium moly 'Jeannine' Jeannine Yellow Onion (star shaped yellow)
· Allium multibulbosum Black Garlic (white to pale lilac)
· Allium ostrowskianum Pink Lily Leek (pink, purple)
· Allium pulchellum Keeled Garlic (red violet)
· Allium rosenbachianum Showy Onion (dark violet, darker mid veins)
· Allium schubertii Schubert Ornamental Onion (rose, purple)
· Allium sphaerocephalon Drumstick Allium (dark crimson purple)
· Allium stipitatum 'Mount Everest' Mt. Everest White Ornamental Onion (snow white)
· Allium stipitatum 'White Giant' White Giant Giant Allium (snow white)
· Allium triquetrum  Three-Cornered Leek (creamy white, green mid veins)
· Allium unifolium Oneleaf Onion (pink to lavender)
· Allium 'Ambassador' Ambassador Ornamental Onion (7" globes, intense purple)
· Allium 'Firmament'  Firmament Ornamental Onion (Purple/silver)
· Allium 'Gladiator' Gladiator Ornamental Onion (6" globe, rose, purple)
· Allium 'Globemaster' Globemaster Ornamental Onion (Aster/violet)
· Allium 'Hair' Hair Ornamental Onion (tenticle-like green flowers w/ a purple base)
· Allium 'Pinball Wizard' Pinball Wizard Ornamental Onion (slivery lilac purple)
· Anemone blanda 'Blue Shades' Blue Shades Grecian Windflower (hyacinth blue)
· Anemone blanda 'Pink Star' Pink Star Grecian Windflower (light pink with white center)
· Anemone blanda 'White Splendour' White Splendour Grecian Windflower (white with green/yellow center?
· Camassia cusickii   Cusick's Quamash (pale wisteria-blue)
· Camassia leichtlinii alba  White Large Camas (creamy-white star-shaped flowers)
· Camassia leichtlinii coerulea Coerulea Large Camas (light to dark lavender-blue)
· Camassia leichtlinii coerulea 'Blue Heaven' Blue Have Large Camas (pale sky blue)
· Camassia leichtlinii 'Sacajawea' Sacajawea Large Camas (ivory-white w/ yellow-ivory margins)
· Camassia leichtlinii 'Semiplena' Semiplena Large Camas (creamy-white, semi-double flowers)
· Camassia quamash  Samll Camas (pale to deep lavander-blue)
· Camassia quamash 'Blue Melody' Blue Melody Small Camas (dark blue with variegated foliage)
· Camassia quamash 'Orion' Orion Small Camas (deep violet blue
· Chiondoxa forbesii  Forbes' Glory of the Snow (rich blue with large white central zones)
· Chionodoxa forbesii 'Blue Giant' Blue Giant Glory of the Snow (larger rich blue with white)
· Chionodoxa forbesii 'Pink Giant' Pink Giant Glory of the Snow (pale blush pink with white center)
· Chionodoxa gigantea  Giant Glory-of-the-Snow (lavender blue with small white center)
· Chionodoxa gigantea alba White Glory-of-the-Snow (white)
· Chionodoxa gigantea 'Violet Beauty' Violet Beauty Glory-of-the-Snow (pink violet with paler centers)
· Chionodoxa sardensis  Lesser Glory-of-the-Snow (bright blue with small white eye)
· Corydalis solida Fumewort (light purple, gray-green foliage)
· Crocus biflorus 'Purity' Purity Crocus (Ice white)
· Crocus biflorus ssp. Isauricus 'Spring Beauty' Spring Beauty Crocus (white exterior framed in dark purple, lavendar-purple interior)
· Crocus chrysanthus 'Blue Pearl' Blue Pearl Snow Crocus (pale lobelia-blue, bronze-yellow throat)
· Crocus chrysanthus 'Cream Beauty' Cream Beauty Golden Crocus (soft yellow w/ sprinkled bronze base, purple margins)
· Crocus chrysanthus 'Goldilocks' Goldilocks Golden Crocus (yellow w/ a purple base)
· Crocus sieberi 'Firefly' Firefly Sieber's Crocus (pale mineral-violet w/ a yellow throat)
· Crocus sieberi 'Tricolor'  Tricolor Sieber's Crocus (lilac-blue w/ a white band, yellow throat)
· Crocus tommasinianus Woodland Crocus (pale lilac to deep reddish-purple w/ white throat)
· Crocus tommasinianus 'Barrs Purple' Barr's Purple Woodland Crocus (amethyst-violet w/ gray exterior)
· Crocus tommasinianus 'Lilac Beauty' Lilac Beauty Woodland Crocus (soft lilac w/ pink-violet interrior - orange stamen)
· Crocus tommasinianus roseus  Rose Woodland Crocus (cyclamen-rose w/ a violet sheen, white center - yellow stamen)
· Crocus tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant' Giant Ruby Woodland Crocus (true violet with lighter base)
· Crocus flavus 'Yellow Mammoth' Yellow Mammoth Golden Yellow Crocus (vibrant golden-yellow)
· Crocus vernus 'Flower Record'  Flower Record Dutch Crocus (pale-violet with darker base)
· Crocus vernus 'Grand Maitre' Grand Maitre Dutch Crocus (sea lavender-violet w/ a silvery sheen and pale margins)
· Crocus vernus 'Jeanne d'Arc' Jeanne d'Arc Dutch Crocus (glistening white w/ purple striations)
· Crocus vernus 'King of the Striped' King of the Striped Dutch Crocus (amethyst violet w/lighter stripes
· Crocus vernus 'Twilight' Twilight Dutch Crocus (midnight blue-violet with shimmering edges)
· Eranthis hyemalis Winter Aconite (bright lemon yellow)
· Erythronium pagoda Trout Lily, Dogtooth Violet (Violet-yellow)
· Fritillaria acmopetala  Asian Fritliiary (olive green to purplish brown flowers)
· Fritillaria assyriaca  Purple Fritillary (purple maroon w/bronze interior)
· Fritillaria imperialis lutea maxima Yellow Crown Inperial Fritillary (yellow)
· Fritillaria imperialis rubra maxima  Red Crown Imperial Fritillary (burnt red orange)
· Fritillaria meleagris Snake's Head Fritillary (maroon purple and white)
· Fritillaria meleagris alba  White Snake's Head Fritillary (all white)
· Fritillaria michailovskyi  Michaels Flower (reddish-purple bells w/ yellow edge)
· Fritillaria pallidiflora  Pale-Flowered Fritillary (soft chartreuse-yellow, interior reddish brown spots)
· Fritillaria persica Persian Fritillary (plum-colored bells, wavy blue-green foliage)
· Fritillaria persica 'Ivory Bells' Ivory Bells Persian Fritillary (bell shaped green-ivory florets matures to ivory)
· Fritillaria pontica  Pontica Fritillary (green white flowers with purple brown edges)
· Fritillaria pudica Yellow Fritillary (bright yellow flowers w/purple tinge, glorious scent)
· Fritillaria raddeana Raddeana Fritillary (pale greenish-yellow, shinny leaves)
· Galanthus elwesii Giant Snowdrop (creamy white flowers tipped green, gray-green foliage)
· Galanthus ikariae Green Snowdrop (bright white w/ green at the base, shinny green ineer petals)
· Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Pleno' Double Snowdrop (milky-white drooping flowers tipped green)
· Geranium tuberosum Bulbous Cranesbill (rose-purple w/ darker veins and edges)
· Gladiolus communis ssp byzantinus Sword Lily (vibrant purple-red)
· Hyacinthoides hispanica 'Dainty Maid' Dainty Maid Spanish Bluebells (violet-pink)
· Hyacinthoides hispanica 'Excelsior' Excelsior Spanish Bluebells (blue-violet w/ marine-blue midveins)
· Hyacinthoides hispanica 'White City' White City Spanish Bluebells (pure snow-white)
· Hyacinthoides non-scripta English Bluebells (dark violet-blue, good naturallizer)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Aiolos' Aiolos Hyacinth (ivory white)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Blue Jacket' Blue Jacket Hyacinth (dark purple blue, darker veins)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Blue Pearl' Blue Pearl Hyacinth (dark blue purple florets
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'City of Haarlem'  City of Haarlem Hyacinth (primrose yellow)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Delft Blue' Delft Blue Hyacinth (medium lilac blue)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Fondant' Fondant Hyacinth (pale phlox pink)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Jan Bos' Jan Bos Hyacinth (spirea red)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'L'Innocence'  L'Innocence Hyacinth (ivory white)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Pink Pearl' Pearl Pink Hyacinth (fuchsia pink)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Purple Voice' Purple Voice Hyacinth (deep violet, paler edges)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Sky Jacket' Cky Jacket Hyacinth (light wisteria blue)
· Hyacinthus orientalis 'Woodstock' Woodstock Hyacinth (beetroot purple)
· Hyacinthus 'Blue Festival' Blue Festival Hyacinth (purple blue with paler edges)
· Hyacinthus 'Pink Festival' Pink Festival Hyacinth (ballerina pink)
· Hyacinthus 'White Festival' White Festival (creamy white matures to snow white)
· Ipheion uniflorun  Spring Starflower (white to violet-blue)
· Ipheion uniflorum 'Rolf Fiedler' Ron Fiedler Spring Starflower (bright periwinkle-blue)
· Ipheion uniflorum 'White Star' White Star Spring Starflower (marble white)
· Ipheion uniflorum 'Wisley Blue' Eisley Blue Spring Starflower (large, deep-blue flowers)
· Iris bucharica  Corn Leaf Iris (creamy white, pale golden falls)
· Iris cycloglossa  Afghani Iris (blue violet, white falls w/ yellow blotches and spots)
· Iris danfordiae  Danford Iris (bright yellow, deep yellow falls w/green spots)
· Iris dardanus  Dardanus Iris (lark mauve, paler falls w/mahogany purple)
· Iris 'Katherine Hodgkin' Katherine Hodgkin Iris (blue green, yellow green falls)
· Iris reticulata 'Cantab' Cantab Reticulated Iris (flax blue w/ lighter tips and white rim)
· Iris reticulata 'Clairette' Clairette Reticulated Iris (sky blue, dark blue purple falls, white tiger marks)
· Iris reticulata 'Gordon' Gordon Reticulated Iris (lobelia blue, w/violet falls, orange blotches and blue stripes)
· Iris reticulata 'Harmony' Harmony Reticulated Iris (bluebird blue w/royal blue falls, yellow-white rims)
· Iris reticulata 'Natascha' Natascha Reticulated Iris (ivory white standards and falls, golden yellow blotch)
· Iris reticulata 'Pixie' Pixie Reticulated Iris (rich blackish-blue)
· Iris tuberosa Snake's Head Iris (yellowish green standards, purplish brown blotch on falls)
· Iris 'Blue Magic' Blue Magic Dutch Iris (campanula violet)
· Iris 'Rosario' Rosario Dutch Iris (violet standards/deep blue falls)
· Iris 'Telstar' Telstar Dutch Iris (violet standards/deep blue falls)
· Iris 'White Wedgewood' White Wedgewood Dutch Iris (ivory white standards/green wh falls)
· Ixiolirion pallasii Lavender Montana Lilies (deep violet-blue, lily-like with darker veins, grass-like )
· Leucojum aestivum Summer Snowflake (milky white)
· Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant' Gravetye Giant Summer Snowflake (milky white)
· Lilium 'Dot Com' Dot Com Hybrid Asiatic Lily (whitish pink w/raspberry center)
· Lilium 'Elodie" Elodie Asiatic Lily (pale pink w/tiny raspberry dots)
· Lilium 'Landini' Landini Asiatic Lily (mahogany grape to black)
· Lilium 'Lollipop' Lolipop Asiatic Lily (cranberry red,whitecenters red spots)
· Lilium 'Monte Negro' Monte Negro Asiatic Lily (dark velvet red)
· Lilium 'Orange County' Orange County Asiatic Lily (vibrant glowing burnt orange)
· Lilium 'Orange Electric' Orange Electric Asiatic Lily (Ivory white, cantaloupe orange, melon)
· Lilium 'Red Electric' Red Evectric Asiatic Lily (cherry red flushed burnished apricot)
· Lilium 'Rosella's Dream' Rosella's Dream Asiatic Lily (blush whitish pink)
· Lilium 'White Pixels' White Pixels Asiatic Lily (ivory white)
· Lilium 'Buff Pixie'  Buff Pixie Asiatic Lily (orange yellow blending to lighter shade)
· Lilium 'Butter Pixie'  Butter Pixie Asiatic Lily (brilliant buttercup yellow)
· Lilium 'Crimson Pixie' Crimson Pixie Asiatic Lily (solid red)
· Lilium 'Dreamcatcher' Dreamcatcher Asiatic Lily (dusty rose pink w/hint of spots)
· Lilium longiflorum 'Algarve' Algarve Asiatic Lily (warm pink)
· Lilium longiflorum 'Freya' Freya Asiatic Lily (bright yellow matures to paler)
· Lilium longiflorum 'White Heaven' White Haven Asiatic Lily (bright white)
· Lilium tigrinum 'Pink Tiger' Pink Tiger Tiger Lily (pink with maroon spots)
· Lilium tigrinum 'Sweet Surrender' Sweet Surender Tiger Lily (creamy white w/maroon spots)
· Lilium cerneum  Cerneum Lily (vivid magenta pink with darker midveins)
· Lilium cerneum 'White' White Cerneum Lily (lemon cream petals w/ blush pink veins)
· Lilium leichtlinii Leichtlin's Lily (lemon-yellow w/ mahogany garnet spots, great naturalizer)
· Lilium speciosum album White Japanese Show Lily (white petals w/ pink glow)
· Lilium speciosum rubrum Red Japanese Show Lily (white edged, crimson rose petals, magenta spots)
· Lilium tigrinum splendens Orange Tiger Lily (salmon orange w/maroon garnet spots)
· Lilium orienpet 'Anastasia' Anastasia Orienpet Lily (white,deep rose pink,pale pink flush)
· Lilium orienpet 'Conca d'Or' Conca d'Or Orienpet Lily (lemon yellow, paler margins)
· Lilium orienpet 'Elusive' Elusive Orienpet Lily (pale dusty rose)
· Lilium orienpet 'Friso' Friso Orienpet Lily (deep raspberry red, white edges)
· Lilium orienpet 'Lavon' Lavon Orienpet Lily (pale to deep yellow, raspberry starburst)
· Lilium orienpet 'Purple Prince' Purple Prince Orienpet Lily (grapey maroon-purple)
· Lilium orienpet 'Satisfaction' Satisfaction Orienpet Lily (deep raspberry with yellow heart)
· Lilium 'Golden Splendor' Golden Splendour Trumpet Lily (deep golden yellow)
· Lilium 'Pink Perfection' Pink Perfection Trumpet Lily (varying shades of pink)
· Lilium 'Regale' Regale Trumpet Lily (white with deep maroon reverse)
· Lilium 'Regale album' White Regale Trumpet Lily (white with yellow center)
· Lilium auratum 'Gold Band' Gold Band Oriental Lily (white w/golden yellow rays)
· Lilium 'Casa Blanca' Casa Blanca Oriental Lily (blizzard white, green starburst center)
· Lilium 'Corso' Corso Oriental Lily (rose pink, raspberry speckles)
· Lilium 'Dizzy' Dizzy Oriental Lily (white, shocking raspberry pink)
· Lilium 'Garden Party' Garden Party Oriental Lily (white w/ raspberry , pale-yellow to apricot starburst)
· Lilium 'Mona Lisa' Mona Lisa Oriental Lily (rose pink, raspberry spots)
· Lilium 'Muscadet' Muscadet Oriental Lily (snow white, rose pink,rasp. spots)
· Lilium 'Sheila' Sheila Oriental Lily (pale pink, lime green accents)
· Lilium 'Stargazer' Stargazer Oriental Lily (raspberry red, white margins)
· Muscari ambrosiacum Musk Hyacinth (soft yellow florets w/ amber edges bottom, lavender-purple top)
· Muscari armeniacum Grape Hyacinth (bright cobalt blue)
· Muscari armeniacum 'Blue Spike' Blue Spike Grape Hyacinth (flax blue double flowers)
· Muscari armeniacum 'Saffier' Saffier Grape Hyacinth (deep French blue, sterile - long lasting)
· Muscari aucheri 'Blue Magic' Blue Magic Blue Grape Hyacinth (vivid sky blue with white eyes)
· Muscari aucheri 'Dark Eyes' Dark Eyes Blue Grape Hyacinth (intense sapphire blue, bright white rim)
· Muscari aucheri 'Mount Hood' Mount Hood Blue Grape Hyacinth (deep cobalt-blue topped with bright-white cap)
· Muscari aucheri 'Ocean Magic' Ocean Magic Blue Grape Hyacinth (cobalt blue blends into white tip)
· Muscari aucheri 'White Magic' White Magic Blue Grape Hyacinth (opening pale yellow-green mature to white)
· Muscari botryoides 'Album' White Grape Hyacith (pure white)
· Muscari botryoides 'Superstar' Superstar Grape Hyanith (periwinkle blue edged in white)
· Muscari comosum Tassel Hyacinth (mahogany purple topped bright lavender-blue)
· Muscari comosum plumosum Feather Hyacinth (feathery red-violet
· Muscari latifolium  Latifolium Grape Hyacinth (clear-blue top, deep Oxford-blue lower
· Muscari macrocarpum 'Golden Fragrance' Golden Fragrance Yellow Grape Hyacinth (golden yellow florets, purple top hat)
· Muscari paradoxum  Bellevalia Pycnantha (pale to deep blue with greenish yellow hue)
· Muscari 'Pink Sunrise' Pink Sunrise Grape Hyacinth (blush pink with a pale top hat, matures to palee pink-white)
· Muscari 'Valerie Finnis' Valerie Finnis Grape Hyacinth (gorgeous light blue-pale lavender, unique)
· Narcissus 'Arkle' Arkle Trumpet Daffodil (5" golden yellow)
· Narcissus 'Bravoure' Bravoure Trumpet Daffodil (lemon yellow, paler rim)
· Narcissus'Fidelity' Fidelity Trumpet Daffodil (sulfur yellow perianth, soft apricot pink cup)
· Narcissus 'Goblet' Goblet Trumpet Daffodil (white perianth, ruffled golden yellow)
· Narcissus 'King Alfred Jumbo' King Alfred Jumbo Trumpet Daffodil (bright yellow)
· Narcissus 'King Alfred Double Nose' King Alfred Double Nose Trumpet Daffodil (bright yellow)
· Narcissus 'Lemon Glow' Lemon Glow Trumpet Daffodil (milky white, primrose yellow)
· Narcissus 'Marieke' Marieke Trumpet Daffodil (vivid yellow perianth, with darker yellow cup)
· Narcissus 'Mount Hood' Mount Hood Trumpet Daffodil (yellow to ivory white with maturity)
· Narcissus 'Oregon Snow' Oregon Snow Trumpet Daffodil (snow white wavey cup, faint yellow glow at base)
· Narcissus 'Pink Silk' Pink Silk Trumpet Daffodil (white perianth, salmon pink w/apricot yellow eye)
· Narcissus 'Pistachio' Pistachio Trumpet Daffodil (green-yellow perianth, creamy white cup w/ lemon yellow)
· Narcissus 'Primeur' Primeur Trumpet Daffodil (rich golden yellow perianth, darker frilled cup)
· Narcissus 'Rijnvelds Early Sensation'  Rivjnvelds Early Sensation Trumpet Daffodil (vivid golden yellow)
· Narcissus 'Sagitta' Sagitta Trumpet Daffodil (lemon yellow perianth, apricot pink trumpet)
· Narcissus 'Spellbinder' Spellbinder Trumpet Daffodil (yellow, matures to chartreuse)
· Narcissus 'Tropical Sunset' Tropical Sunset Trumpet Daffodil (ivory perianth, melon-orange cup to drk orange)
· Narcissus 'April Queen' April Queen Large Cupped Daffodil (ivory white perianth, bright lemon yellow cup)
· Narcissus 'Audubon' Audubon Large Cupped Daffodil (ivory perianth, creamy white cup w/ deep coral rim)
· Narcissus 'Avalon' Avalon Large Cupped Daffodil (lemon perianth, yellow cup matures to milky white)
· Narcissus 'Bantam' Bantum Large Cupped Daffodil (greenish yellow, sulfur yellow cup w/ orange rim)
· Narcissus 'Border Beauty' Border Beauty Large Cupped Daffodil (golden yellow perianth , reddish orange cup)
· Narcissus 'Brackenhurst' Brackenhurst Large Cupped Daffodil (yellow perianth, reddish orange cup)
· Narcissus 'California' Pentawan Large Cup Daffodil (greenish yellow perianth, darker yellow cup)
· Narcissus 'Camelot' Camelot Large Cupped Daffodil (bright golden yellow)
· Narcissus 'Ceylon'  Ceylon Large Cupped Daffodil (yellow perianth, orange scarlet cup)
· Narcissus 'Decoy' Decoy Large Cupped Daffodil (ivory perianth, deep rose-red cup)
· Narccisus 'Delibes' Delibes Large Cupped Daffodil (gold-yellow perianth, lemon yellow cup w/ orange rim)
· Narcissus 'Everyday' Everyday Large Cupped Daffodil (white perianth, white cup w/pale lemon-yellow rim)
· Narcissus 'Flower Record' Flower Record Large Cupped Daffodil (naturalizer, white,  yellow cup edged in red)
· Narcissus 'Fortissimo' Fortissimo Large Cupped Daffodil (amber yellow, cup has frilled reddish orange crown)
· Narcissus 'Fortune' Fortune Large Cupped Daffodil (yellow perianth, marigold cup w/ red edges)
· Narcissus 'Fragrant Breeze' Fragrant Breeze Large Cupped Daffodil (milky perianth, orange cup maturing to peach)
· Narcissus 'Gentle Giant' Gentle Giant Large Cupped Daffodil (white prianth, orange cup w/greenish-yellow halo)
· Narcissus 'High Society' High Society Large Cupped Daffodil (milky white periant, white cup matures to lemon)
· Narcissus 'Ice Follies' Ice Follies Large Cupped Daffodil (icy-white perianth, frilled chartreuse cup fading white)
· Narcissus 'Misty Glen' Misty Glen Large Cupped Daffodil (blue moon white, hazy green eye)
· Narcissus 'Pineapple Prince' Pineapple Prince Large Cupped Daffodil (pineapple-yellow to white, frilled cup w/ yellow)
· Narcissus 'Professor Einstein' Professor Einstein Large Cupped Daffodil (white perianth, reddish orange crown, fragrant)
· Narcissus 'Sound' Sound Large Cupped Daffodil (creamy white perianth, gold-orange cup w/ melon rim)
· Narcissus 'Spring Pride' Spring Pride Large Cupped Daffodil (ivory perianth, yellow cup w/rosy apricot edge)
· Narcissus 'Stainless' Stainless Large Cupped Daffodil (ivory-white, white cup)
· Narcissus 'Suada' Suada Large Cupped Daffodil (golden yellow perianth w/ bright orange cup, pale base)
· Narcissus 'Accent' Accent Daffodil (ivory perianth, light salmon-pink to salmon rose cup)
· Narcissus 'Billy Graham' Billy Graham Daffodil (yellow perianth ivory midveins, apricot pink cup)
· Narcissus 'Chromacolor' Chromacolor Daffodil (white perianth, intense coral pink cup)
· Narcissus 'Faith' Faith Daffodil (bright white perianth, vivid salmon-pink cup)
· Narcissus 'Fragrant Rose' Fragrant Rose Daffodil (ivory perianth, reddish-pink cup, rose fragrance)
· Narcissus 'Mon Cherie' Mon Cherie Daffodil (creamy white perianth, apricot-pink cup)
· Narcissus 'Passionale' Passionale Daffodil (white perianth, frilled yellow-pink cup)
· Narcissus 'Pink Charm' Pink Charm Daffodil (ivory perianth, pale apricot to Chinese coral cup)
· Narcissus 'Precocious' Precocious Daffodil (ivory perianth, deep salmon rose cup)
· Narcissus 'Rick' Rick Daffodil (white perianth, deep apricot-pink cup to apricot yellow)
· Narcissus 'Salome' Salome Daffodil (pure white perianth, apricot-pink to rose w/ yellow edge)
· Narcissus 'Altruist' Altruist Daffodil (copper-yellow perianth w/ orange glow, crimson-orange cup)
· Nacissus 'Barrett Browning' Barrett Browning Daffodil (white perianth w/ faint yellow halo, orange cup)
· Narcissus 'Dreamlight' Dreamlight Daffodil (snow white perianth, champagne white cup w/ a scarlet orange rim)
· Narcissus 'Edna Earl' Edna Earl Daffodil (white perianth, orange-yellow cup with red rim)
· Narcissus 'Jamestown' Jamestown Daffodil (bright white perianth, golden-yellowcup w/ orange rim)
· Narcissus 'Loth Lorien' Loth Lorian Daffodil (milky perianth, greenbased lemon yellow corona)
· Narcissus 'Merlin' Merlin Daffodil (white perianth, brilliant yellowcup w/deep orange rim)
· Narcissus 'Mint Julep' Mint Julep Daffodil (pale green-yellow perianth, yellow cup)
· Narcissus 'Princess Zaide' Princess Zaide Daffodil (marble-white perianth, blended chartreuse yellow cup)
· Narcissus 'Royal Princess' Royal Princess Daffodil (pure white perianth, ivory white cup w/ mustard yellow edge)
· Narcissus 'Segfovia' Segfovia Daffodil (reflexed white perianth, brilliant light greenish yellow cup
· Narcissus 'Sinopel' Sinopel Daffodil (ivory perianth, yellow to green cup, fragrant)
· Narcissus poeticus 'Actaea' Actea Poet's Daffodil (white perianth, yellow cup w/scarlet edge)
· Narcissus poeticus 'Angel Eyes' Angel Eyes Poet's Daffodil (white perianth, chartreuse yellow cup w/ orange-scarlet rim)
· Narcissus poeticus 'Pheasants Eye' Pheasant's Eye Poet's Daffodil (white perianth, small yellow cup edged in red)
· Narcissus 'Acropolis' Acropolis Daffodil (ivory white peerianth w/dark orange cup segments)
· Narcissus albus plenus odoratus Double Pheasant's Eye Daffodil (snow-white perianth, subtle yellow center, fragrant)
· Narcissus 'Bridal Crown' Bridal Crown Daffodil (creamy white perianth, saffron yellow cup segments)
· Narcissus 'Cheerfulness' Cheerfulness Daffodil (creamy white flowers w/yellow flecks, fragrant)
· Narcissus 'Delnashaugh' Delnashaugh Daffodil (creamy-white perianth, apricot pink cup segments, fragrant)
· Narcissus 'Gay Tabor' Gay Tabor Daffodil (gardenia-like, ivorypetals with golden orange segments)
· Narcissus 'Ice King' Ice King Daffodil (ivory-white perianth, double sulfur yellow cup)
· Narcissus 'Manly' Manly Daffodil (creamy yellow w/shorter dark orange petals)
· Narcissus 'Petit Four' Petit Four Daffodil (apricot pink w/yellow highlights
· Narcissus 'Sherborne' Sherborne Daffodil (peony-like, golden yellow interspersed w/orange segments)
· Narcissus 'Tahiti' Tahiti Daffodil (soft yellow perianth, double cup with orange segments)
· Narcissus 'Wave' Wave Daffodil (lemon-meringue, ivory perianth, lemon-yellow cup w/snowwhite flecks)
· Narcissus 'White Lion' White Lion Daffodil (gardenia-like, creamy white w/ short yellow petal segments)
· Narcissus 'White Medal' White Medal Daffodil (marble white with a creamy glow)
· Narcissus 'Yellow Cheerfulness' Yellow Cheerfulness Daffodil (deep sulfer-yellow perianth, yellow segments w/ y-o ctr)
· Narcissus triandrus 'Hawera' Hawera Angel Tears Daffodil (pale canary yellow w/paler yellow cup)
· Narcissus triandrus 'Ice Wings' Ice Wing Angel Tears Daffodil (dainty white flowers)
· Narcissus triandrus 'Katie Heath' Katie Heath Angel Tears Daffodil (ivory perianth, large apricot-pink cup)
· Narcissus triandrus 'Lemon Drops' Lemon Drops Angel Tears Daffodil (floriferous, soft lemon-white w/soft yellow cup)
· Nrcissus triandrus 'Petrel' Petrel Angel Tears Daffodil (ivory, reflexed petals)
· Narcissus triandrus 'Stint' Stint Angel Tear Daffodil (pale lemon perianth, darker bowl shaped cup)
· Narcissus triandrus 'Thalia' Thaila Orchid Daffodil (pendant, white flowers w/ recurved petals, naturallizer)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'Ara' Ara Cyclamineus Daffodil (ivory perianth, long pale-yellow trumpet)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'February Gold' February Gold Cyclamineus Daffodil (sulfer yello perianth, vivid yellow cup)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'Itzim'  Itzim Cyclamineus Daffodil (deep yellow perianth, narrorw red trumpet)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'Jack Snipe' Jack Snipe Cyclamineus Daffodil (creamy-white perianth, buttercup yellow trumpet)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'Jenny' Jenny Cyclamineus Daffodil (white perianth, pale primrose-yellow cup to white)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'Jetfire' Jetfire Cyclamineus Daffodil (vivid yellow perianth, strong orange trumpet)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'Marijke' Marijke Cyclamineus Daffodil (primrose-yellow perianth, scarlet orange frilled cup)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'Peeping Tom' Peeping Tom Cyclamineus Daffodil (deep golden-yellow)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'Rapture' Rapture Cyclamineus Daffodil (golden-yellow perianth, wavey cup)
· Narcissus cyclamineus 'Tete a Tete' Tete a Tete Cyclamineus Daffodil (buttercup-yellow perianth, darker yellow cup)
· Narcissus tazetta 'Avalanche' Avalanche Paperwhite Daffodil (1" blooms, creamy-white perianth, green-yellow cup)
· Narcissus tazetta 'Cragford' Cragford Paperwhite Daffodil (ice-white petals w/ yellow halow, bright orange cup)
· Narcissus tazetta 'Falconet' Falconet Paperwhite Daffodil (yellow perianth, orange cup)
· Narcissus tazetta 'Geranium' Advance Paperwhite Daffodil (white perianth, bright scarlet orange cup)
· Narcissus tazetta 'Golden Dawn' Golden Dawn Paperwhite Daffodil (greenish yellow w/ white highlights, deep orange cup)
· Narcissus tazetta 'Minnow' Minnow Paperwhite Daffodil (white to pale yellow perianth, yellow cup)
· Narcissus tazetta 'Silver Chimes' Silver Chimes Paperwhite Daffodil (silver-white perianth, soft primrose yellow cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Baby Moon' Baby Moon Jonquilla Daffodil (pale canary yellow miniature, late flowering)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Beautiful Eyes' Beautiful Eyes Jonquilla Daffodil (ivory perianth w/ golden halo, orange red cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Bell Song' Bell Song Jonquilla Daffodil (buff-yellow perianth, pale-pink cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Derringer' Derringer Jonquilla Daffodil (lemon-yellow perianth, melon-orange cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Dickcissel' Dickcissel Jonquilla Daffodil (luminous lemon-yellow, mimosa-yellow cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Golden Echo' Golden Echo Jonquilla Daffodil (white w/ sunny golden halo, yellow cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Hillstar' Hillstar Jonquilla Daffodil (lemon yellow perianth, ivory-white cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Milk & Honey' Milk & Honey Jonquilla Daffodil (milky-white perianth, pale honey-apricot cups)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Pueblo' Pueblo Jonquilla Daffodil (lemon-yellow matures to ivory, pale lemon-yellow cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Quail' Quail Jonquilla Daffodil (rich bronze yellow perianth, darker funnel)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Sailboat' Sailboat Jonquilla Daffodil (windswept ivory perianth, yellow cups mature white)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Stratosphere' Stratosphere Jonquilla Daffodil (golden-yellow perianth, deep golden-orange cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Sundisc' Sundisc Jonquilla Daffodil (buttercup-yellow perianth, darker disc cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Suzy' Suzy Jonquilla Daffodil (canary-yellow perianth, red-orange cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Sweet Love' Sweet Love Jonquilla Daffodil (ivory-white perianth, butter-yellow cup)
· Narcissus jonquilla 'Waterperry' Waterperry Jonquilla Daffodil (ivory periant, pale buttercup cup w/apricot-pink edges)
· Narcissus 'Little Gem' Little Gem Miniature Trumpet Daffodil (clear yellow perianth, deep yellow trumpet)
· Narcissus 'Small Talk' Small Talk Miniature Trumpet Daffodil (golden yellow)
· Narcissus 'Topolino' Topolino Miniature Trumpet Daffodil (creamy-yellow perianth to white, bright-yellow cup)
· Narcissus 'Apricot Whirl' Apricot Whirl Slit-Cup Daffodil (white perianth, apricot-pink cup, chartruese yellow eye)
· Narcissus 'Blazing Starlet' Blazing Starlet Slit-Cup Daffodil (lemon-yellow perianth, lemon-ivory cup w/orange rim)
· Narcissus 'Lemon Beauty' Lemon Beauty Slit-Cup Daffodil (large ivory perianth, lemon-yellow heart)
· Narcissus 'Love Call' Love Call Slit-Cup Daffodil (milky-white perianth, ruffled golden-orange segment)
· Narcissus 'Sorbet' Sorbet Slit-Cup Daffodil (white perianth, buttercup yellow cup w/ scarlet orange tip)
· Narcissus 'Tripartite' Tripartite Slit-Cup Daffodil (yellow, fragrant)
· Narcissus bulbocodium conspicuus Yellow Hoop Peticoat Daffodil (golden yellow flowers, grasslike foliage)
· Narcissus bulbocodium 'Golden Bells' Golden Bells Peticoat Daffodil (deep golden-yellow)
· Narcissus canaliculatus Canaliculatus Dwarf Daffodil (white perianth, golden-yellow cup)
· Narcissus cantabricus  White Hoop Peticoat Daffodil (snow white, grass like foliage)
· Narcissus jonquilla simplex Fragrant Wild Daffodil (golden yellow flowers, reedlike foliage)
· Narcissus obvallaris  Tenby Daffodil (golden yellow, naturalizer)
· Ornithogalum balansae Rockery Star of Bethleham (miniature, white w/green stripes on reverse)
· Ornithogalum magnum  Magnum Star of Bethleham (white w/green stripes on reverse)
· Ornithogalum umbellatum Star of Bethlehem (white w/green strip on reverse)
· Puschkinia scilliodes var. libanotica  Striped Squil (pale blue with darker stripes)
· Puschkinia scilliodes var libanotica 'Alba ' White Striped Squil (white with faint stripes)
· Tulipa 'Albert Heijn' Albert Heijn Tulip (deep rose pink/purple sheen)
· Tulipa 'Analita'  Analita Tulip (carmine-red, w/ivory edged exterior petals)
· Tulipa 'Exotic Emperor' Exotic Emperor Tulip (semi double, milky white w/em grn flames)
· Tulipa 'Flaming Purissima' Flaming Purissima Tulip (ivory w/interior yellow center/rose feathering)
· Tulipa 'Juan' Juan Tulip (deep orange w/ reddish glow)
· Tulipa 'Orange Emperor' Orange Emporer Tulip (carrot orange w/darker orange petals)
· Tulipa 'Red Emperor' Red Emporer Tulip (fiery red)
· Tulipa 'Sweetheart' Sweetheart Tulip (lemon yellow)
· Tulipa 'White Emperor' White Emporer Tulip (milky white slight fragrance)
· Tulipa 'Yellow Purissima' Yellow Emporer Tulip (deep canary yellow)
· Tulipa 'Early Harvest' Early Harvest Tulip (orange/scarlet)
· Tulipa 'Gaiety' Gaiety Tulip (rosy red w/creamy white edges)
· Tulipa 'Heart's Delight' Heart's Delight Tulip (carmine red)
· Tulipa kaufmanniana Kaufmann's Tulip (creamy white w/rosy red flames)
· Tulipa 'Shakespeare' Shakespeare Tulip (carmine red w/salmon interior)
· Tulipa 'Stresa' Stresa Tulip (currant red w/bright yellow edges)
· Tulipa 'The First' The First Tulip (carmine red w/ white edges)
· Tulipa bakeri 'Lilac Wonder' Lilac Wonder Baker Tulip (rose, lilac)
· Tulipa batalinii 'Apricot Jewel' Apricot Jewel Tulip (deep apricot orange)
· Tulipa batalinii 'Bright Gem' Bright Gem Tulip (delicate yellow w/warm orange)
· Tulipa batalinii 'Red Gem' Red Gem Tulip (vermilion red)
· Tulipa biflora Biflora Tulip (white w/yellow hearts/fragrant)
· Tulipa clusiana 'Cynthia'  Cynthia Tulip (white w/yellow hearts/fragrant)
· Tulipa clusiana 'Lady Jane' Lady Jane Tulip (white w/yellow hearts/fragrant)
· Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha  Chrysantha Tulip (deep yellow, warm rose edge)
· Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha 'Tubergen's Gem' Tubergen's Gem Tulip (soft red)
· Tulipa dasystemon  Dasustemon Tulip (yellow w/white tips)
· Tulipa humilis 'Alba Coerulea Oculata' Blue-eyed Wildflower Tulip (glistening white)
· Tulipa humilis 'Eastern Star' Eastern Star Tulip (magenta rose)
· Tulipa humilis 'Magenta Queen'   Magenta Queen Tulip (lilac purple)
· Tulipa humilis 'Persian Pearl'  Persian Pearl Tulip (deep magenta rose)
· Tulipa humilis violacea  Violet Tulip (purplish, rose)
· Tulipa 'Ice Stick' Ice Stick Tulip (white)
· Tulipa kolpakowskiana  Kolpakowski's Tulip (yellow streaked carmine red)
· Tulipa linifolia  Linefolia Tulip (scarlet red)
· Tulipa 'Little Beauty' Little Beauty Tulip (cherry red)
· Tulipa 'Little Princess' Little Princess Tulip (Spanish orange, scented)
· Tulipa marjoletti  Marjolett Tulip (pale creamy yellow & deep ruby red)
· Tulipa orphanidea flava  Anatolian Tulip (yellow, garnet red tips)
· Tulipa praestans 'Fuselier'  Fuselier Tulip (intense orange/scarlet)
· Tulipa saxatilis  Tulip of Crete (vivid rose lilac, spreads by stoloniferous roots)
· Tulipa turkestanica  Turkestan Tulip (white w/ a gray purple tinge)
· Tulipa vvedenskyi 'Tangerine Beauty' Tangerine Beauty Tulip (Spanish orange flames/drk interior)
· Tulipa 'Casa Grande' Casa Grande Tulip (glowing red)
· Tulipa 'Elise' Elise Tulip (creamy yellow)
· Tulipa 'Maria Christina' Maria Christina Tulip (blush pink w/raspberry flames)
· Tulipa 'Oratorio' Ontario Tulip (rose)
· Tulipa 'Pinocchio' Pinocchio Tulip (scarlet red and ivory)
· Tulipa 'Professor de Monsseri'  Professor de Monsseri Tulip (primrose yellow,blood red flames)
· Tulipa 'Quebec'  Quebec Tulipa (rosy red, creamy yellow margins)
· Tulipa 'Red Riding Hood' Red Riding Hood Tulip (carmine red)
· Tulipa 'Royal Splendor'  Royal Splendor Tulip (vermilion red)
· Tulipa 'Toronto' Toronto Tulip (tangerine red)
· Tulipa 'Tsar Peter'  Tsar Peter Tulip (sulfur white feathered w/ claret rose)
· Tulipa 'Apricot Giant' Apricot Giant Tulip (single, apricot pink)
· Tulipa 'Beauty Queen' Beauty Queen Tulip (single, empire rose, apricot salmon, scented)
· Tulipa 'Bellona' Bellona Tulip (golden yellow, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Bestseller' Bestseller Tulip (bright salmon w/copper)
· Tulipa 'Christmas Dream' Christmas Green Tulip (fuchsia red)
· Tulipa 'Christmas Marvel' Christmas Marvel Tulip (bright cherry pink, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Christmas Orange' Christmas Orange Tulip (smoldering orange/fuchsia flamesy, 20-22 in)
· Tulipa 'Couleur Cardinal'  Couleur Cardinal Tulip (scarlet red plum)
· Tulipa 'Flair' Flair Tulip (deep raspberry)
· Tulipa 'Keizerskroon' Keizerskroon Tulip (bright scarlet)
· Tulipa 'Princess Irene' Princess Irene Tulip (soft orange w/warm purple)
· Tulipa 'Purple Prince'   Purple Prince Tulip (lilac purple/beet root purple interior, 20-22 in)
· Tulipa 'White Marvel' White Marvel Tulip (ivory maturing to glistening white)
· Tulipa 'Abba'  Abba Tulip (double, tomato red, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Foxtrot'   Foxtrot Tulip (double, old rose w/shimmering white)
· Tulipa 'Mondial' Mondial Tulip (double, snow white, interior base)
· Tulipa 'Monsella' Monsella Tulip (canary yellow, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Monte Carlo'   Monte Carlo Tulip (double, yellow, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Montreux'  Montreux Tulip (ivory yellow, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Apricot Parrot' Appricot Parrot Tulip (soft apricot tinged w/white,yellow,pink,green)
· Tulipa 'Black Parrot'  Black Parrot Tulip (velvety purple black)
· Tulipa 'Blue Parrot' Blue Parrot Tulip (bright violet)
· Tulipa 'Estella Rynveld' Estella Rynveld Parrot Tulip (blazing red w/ white flames)
· Tulipa 'Fantasy'  Fantasy Parrot Tulip (intense salmon pink w/green stripes)
· Tulipa 'Flaming Parrot'   Flaming Parrot Tulip (buttercup yellow w/vibrant red flames)
· Tulipa 'Green Wave'  Green Wave Parrot tulip (mauve pink w/green flames)
· Tulipa 'Lemon Snow Parrot' Lemon Snow Parrot Tulip (French blue flames, soft yellow accent)
· Tulipa 'Rococo' Rococco Parrot Tulip (cardinal red w/purple,green feathering)
· Tulipa 'Salmon Parrot' Salmon Parrot Tulip (salmon pink, green, cream)
· Tulipa 'Snow Parrot' Snow Parrot Tulip (ivory white, green,yellow, french blue flames)
· Tulipa 'Texas Gold' Texas Gold Parrot Tulip (deep yellow w/red edges)
· Tulipa 'White Parrot' White Parrot Tulip (white w/green accents)
· Tulipa viridiflora 'Artist' Artist Tulip (salmon rose and purple)
· Tulipa viridiflora 'China Town' China Town Tulip (phlox pink w/darker pink spots)
· Tulipa viridiflora 'Flaming Spring Green' Flaming Spring Green Tulip (white w/purple, green flames)
· Tulipa viridiflora 'Formosa'  Formosa Tulip (glow in the dark yellow)
· Tulipa viridiflora 'Golden Artist'  Golden Artist (golden orange)
· Tulipa viridiflora 'Greenland' Greenland Tulip (old rose, feathered green)
· Tulipa viridiflora 'Pimpernel' Pimpernil Tulip (purplish red)
· Tulipa viridiflora 'Spring Green'  Spring Green Tulip (ivory white, green feathering)
· Tulipa viridiflora 'Virichic' Virichic Tulip (pale rose, matures to purplish pink)
· Tulipa 'Amazone'  Triumph Amazone Tulip (shades of pink, coral, salmon, rose, red)
· Tulipa 'Annie Schilder' Triumph Annie Schilder Tulip (orange w/rose flushes)
· Tulipa 'Apricot Beauty' Triumph Apricot Beauty Tulip (soft salmon rose, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Barcelona' Triumph Barcelona Tulip (hot fushsia)
· Tulipa 'Bastogne' Triumph Bastogne Tulip (blood red, light fragrance)
· Tulipa 'Boston'  Triumph Boston Tulip (straw yellow w/merlot red edges)
· Tulipa 'Calgary'  Triumph Calgary Tulip (creamy yellow to primrose yellow)
· Tulipa 'Cream Perfection'  Triumph Cream Perfection Tulip (creamy yellow to primrose yellow)
· Tulipa 'Don Quichotte' Triumph Don Quichotte Tulip (deep rose)
· Tulipa 'Dreaming Maid' Triumph Dreaming Maid Tulip (violet maturing to dark violet)
· Tulipa 'Gavota'  Triumph Gavota Tulip (chestnut, maroon)
· Tulipa 'Indian Summer' Triumph Indian Summer Tulip (raspberry pink to champagne tangerine)
· Tulipa 'Jackpot' Triumph Jackpot Tulip (mahogany grape w/white edges)
· Tulipa 'Kings Orange' Triumph King's Orange Tulip (dark coral red to marigold orange)
· Tulipa 'Leen van der Mark'  Triumph Leen van der Mark Tulip (vivid cardinal red)
· Tulipa 'Lipgloss' Triumph Lipgloss Tulip (champagne, ivory)
· Tulipa 'Manhattan'  Triumph Manhattan Tulip (golden apricot w/burnished raspberry)
· Tulipa 'Meissner Porzellan'  Triumph Meissner Porzellan Tulip (white w/ rose petal edges)
· Tulipa 'Moonlight Mist'  Triumph Moonlight Mist Tulip (pale yellow outer, darker inner)
· Tulipa 'Negrita' Triumph Negrita Tulip (deep purple)
· Tulipa 'New Design' Triumph New Design Tulip (pale yellow, deep pink edges)
· Tulipa 'Palestrina'  Triumph Palestrina Tulip (deep salmon pink)
· Tulipa 'Passionale' Triumph Passionale Tulip (lilac purple,deep purple flames)
· Tulipa 'Rembrandts Favorite' Triumph Rembrandts Favorite Tulip (white w/blueberry flames)
· Tulipa 'Rosalie' Triumph Rosalie Tulip (pale phlox pink)
· Tulipa 'Salmon Pearl' Triumph Salmon Pearl Tulip (carmine rose, coral pink edges)
· Tulipa 'Salvo' Triumph Salvo Tulip (white, fuchsia edges)
· Tulipa 'Sprying' Triumph Sprying Tulip (azalea red w/blue rose sheen)
· Tulipa 'Strong Gold'  Triumph Strong Gold Tulip (solid yellow w/faint orange flames)
· Tulipa 'Swinging World' Triumph Swinging World Tulip (violet pink)
· Tulipa 'Synaeda Amour'  Triumph Synaeda Amour Tulip (rose pink, lilac sheen)
· Tulipa 'Synaeda Blue'  Triumph Synaeda Blue Tulip (unique, eye-popping, glowing rose-pink w/ Lilac Sheen)
· Tulipa 'Tequila Sunrise' Triumph Tequila Sunrise Tulip (matures to raspberry red w/yellow)
· Tulipa 'Topkapi' Triumph Topkapi Tulip (magenta pink, lilac,purple flames)
· Tulipa 'Wildhof' Triumph Wildhof Tulip (white, hint of yellow at base)
· Tulipa 'Aleppo'  Aleppo Fringed Tulip (raspberry rose, apricot edges)
· Tulipa 'Burgundy Lace' Burgundy Lace Fringed Tulip (wine red)
· Tulipa 'Cummins' Cummins Fringed Tulip (deep lavender blue)
· Tulipa 'Fancy Frills' Fancy Frills Fringed Tulip (ivory white blending to rosy pink edge)
· Tulipa 'Fringed Elegance' Fringed Ellegance Fringed Tulip (primrose yellow)
· Tulipa 'Fringed Family' Fringed Family Fringed Tulip (violet rose, ivory pink fringe)
· Tulipa 'Max Durand' Max Durand Fringed Tulip (vibrant violet purple)
· Tulipa 'Miami Sunset' Miami Sunset Fringed Tulip (pink-magenta, apricot cherry edges)
· Tulipa 'Swan Wings' Swan Wings Fringed Tulip (pure white)
· Tulipa 'Akebono' Akebono Giant Darwin Tulip (semi double, primrose yellow)
· Tulipa 'American Dreama American Dream Giant Darwin Tulip (pale yellow, red edge)
· Tulipa 'Banja Luka' Banja Luka Giant Darwin Tulip (marigold yellow)
· Tulipa 'Beau Monde' Beau Monde Giant Darwin Tulip (white/raspberry flames)
· Tulipa 'Big Chief' Big Chief Giant Darwin Tulip (dark rose salmon)
· Tulipa 'Blushing Apeldoorn' Blushing Apeldorn Giant Darwin Tulip (lemon yellow)
· Tulipa 'Burning Heart' Burning Heart Giant Darwin Tulip (yellow and red)
· Tulipa 'Cream Jewel' Cream Jewel Giant Darwin Tulip (yellow and white)
· Tulipa 'Daydream' Daydream Giant Darwin Tulip (soft apricot, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Golden Parade' Golden Parade Giant Darwin Tulip (buttercup yellow)
· Tulipa 'Gudoshnik' Gudoshnik Giant Darwin Tulip (ranges solid red to  creamy yellow)
· Tulipa 'Hakuun' Hakuun Giant Darwin Tulip (glistening white)
· Tulipa 'Hollands Glory' Holland's Glory Giant Darwin Tulip (scarlet orange,poppy red edges, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Jaap Groot'  Jap Groot Giant Darwin Tulip (melon yellow)
· Tulipa 'Lightning Sun' Lightning Sun Giant Darwin Tulip (marigold orange, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Ollioules' Ollioules Giant Darwin Tulip (old rose, soft feathered white)
· Tulipa 'Olympic Flame' Olympic fire Giant Darwin Tulip (mimosa yellow, cherry red flames)
· Tulipa 'Parade' Parade Giant Darwin Tulip (signal red)
· Tulipa 'Pink Impression'   Pink Impression Giant Darwin Tulip (soft pink to deep rose)
· Tulipa 'Rainbow Warrior' Rainbow Warrior Giant Darwin Tulip (deep yellow)
· Tulipa 'Silverstream' Silverstream Giant Darwin Tulip (shades of yellow)
· Tulipa 'Apricot Impression' Apricot Impression Tulip (tangerine orange)
· Tulipa 'Design Impression' Design Impression Tulip (radiant rose)
· Tulipa 'Pink Impression' Pink Impreeion Tulip (soft pink maturing to deep rose)
· Tulipa 'Red Impression' Red Impression Tulip (ruby red)
· Tulipa 'Salmon Impression' Salmon Impression Tulip (pale pink)
· Tulipa 'Abagail' Abigail Double Tulip (pale pink)
· Tulipa 'Angelique' Angelique Double Tulip (pale rose, scented)
· Tulipa 'Black Hero' Black Hero Double Tulip (midnight black, maroon sheen)
· Tulipa 'Blue Spectacle' Blue Spectacle Double Tulip (deep violet purple)
· Tulipa 'Carnaval de Nice' Carnival de Nice Double Tulip (white/red feathered w/silvery white)
· Tulipa 'Charming Beauty' Charming Beauty Double Tulip (apricot, tangerine)
· Tulipa 'Cool Chrystal' Cool Chrystal Double Tulip (deep rose pink, ice highlights)
· Tulip 'Crème Upstar' Crème Upstar Double Tulip (primrose yellow w/green speckles)
· Tulipa 'Miranda' Miranda Double tulip (rhodonite red)
· Tulip 'Mount Tacoma' Mount Tacoma Double Tulip (white w/subtle green)
· Tulipa 'Orange Princess' Orange Princess Double Tulip (nasturtium orange, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'Sensual Touch' Sensual Touch Double Tulip (smoldering orange, tangerine)
· Tulipa 'Upstar' Upstar Double Tulip (purplish rose)
· Tulipa 'Wirosa' Wirose Double Tulip (dark wine red, feathered raspberry red)
· Tulipa 'Yellow Mountain' Yellow Mountain Double Tulip (pale lemon, faint green flames)
· Tulipa 'Ballade' Ballade Lily Flowering Tulip (reddish magenta)
· Tulipa 'Ballerina' Ballerina Lily Flowering Tulip (marigold orange)
· Tulipa 'China Pink' China Pink Lily Flowering Tulip (soft pink)
· Tulipa 'Cistula' Cistula Lily Flowering Tulip (pale lemon yellow)
· Tulipa 'Elegant Lady' Elegant Lady Lily Flowering Tulip (pale creamy yellow)
· Tulipa 'Mariette' Mariette Lily Flowering Tulip (satin rose)
· Tulipa 'Marilyn' Marilyn Lily Flowering Tulip (bright white feathered with vibrant red)
· Tulipa 'Mona Lisa' Mona Lisa Lily Flowering Tulip (primrose yellow, dark raspberry flames)
· Tulipa 'Purple Dreams' Purple Dreams Lily Flowering Tulip (deep purple)
· Tulipa 'Red Shine' Red Shine Lily Flowering Tulip (deep red)
· Tulipa 'West Point'  West Point Lily Flowering Tulip (vivid primrose yellow, fragrant)
· Tulipa 'White Triumphator' White Triumphator Lily Flowering Tulip (pure white)
· Tulipa 'Yonina' Yonina Lily Flowering Tulip (cherry red, ivory highlights)
· Tulipa 'Antoinette' Antoinette Boquet Tulip (kaleidoscopic)
· Tulipa 'Candy Club' Candy Club Boquet Tulip (ivory white, pink lilac edges)
· Tulipa 'Florette'  Florette Boquet Tulip (Naples yellow, dark red edges)
· Tulipa 'Happy Family' Happy Family Boquet Tulip (rose pink)
· Tulipa 'Red Bouquet' Red Boquet Boquet Tulip (gleaming scarlet)
· Tulipa 'White Bouquet' White Boquet Boquet Tulip (ivory white, faint yellow flames)
· Tulipa 'Avignon' Avignon Tulip (fire red)
· Tulipa 'Big Smile' Big Smile Tulip (bright lemon yellow)
· Tulipa 'Bleu Amiable' Bleu Amiable Tulip (lilac shade)
· Tulipa 'Blushing Beauty' Blushing Beauty Tulip (yellow, rosy red edges)
· Tulipa 'Blushing Lady' Blushing Lady Tulip (soft rosy pink, soft yellow edges)
· Tulipa 'Camargue' Camargue Tulip (soft yellow, deepens with maturity)
· Tulipa 'Catherina' Catherina Tulip (creamy white)
· Tulipa 'Cum Laude' Cum Laude Tulip (dark campanula violet)
· Tulipa 'Dordogne' Dordogne Tulip (claret rose, tangerine near edge)
· Tulipa 'Dreamland' Dreamland Tulip (rosy red)
· Tulipa 'Francoise' Francoise Tulip (ivory white, whitens more w/maturity)
· Tulipa 'Kingsblood' Kingsblood Tulip (dark cherry red)
· Tulipa 'La Courtine' La Courtine Tulip (yellow, flamed red)
· Tulipa 'Maureen' Maureen Tulip (pale yellow mature to white)
· Tulipa 'Menton' Menton Tulip (pink with muted apricot)
· Tulipa 'Perestroyka' Perestroyka Tulip (currant red, coral orange, raspberry)
· Tulipa 'Pink Diamond' Pink Diamond Tulip (phlox pink)
· Tulipa 'Queen of Night' Queen of Night Tulip (deep velvety maroon)
· Tulipa 'Renown' Renown Tulip (light fushsia red)
· Tulipa 'Roi du Midi' Roi du Midi Tulip (bright yellow)
· Tulipa 'Shirley' Shirly Tulip (ivory white, flecks of purple)
· Tulipa 'Sorbet' Sorbet Tulip (white with raspberry flames)
· Tulipa 'Stunning Apricot' Stunning Apricot Tulip (deep coral apricot)
· Tulipa 'Temple of Beauty' Temple of Beauty Tulip (salmon rose)
· Tulipa 'Violet Beauty' Violet Beauty Tulip (violet purple with a rose sheen, paler edges)
· Tulipa 'World Expression' World Expression Tulip (primrose yellow, blood red flame)
· Oxalis adenophylla Wood Sorrel (white to lilac pink dainty flowers w/ purple centers)
· Scilla bifolia rosea  Rosy Wood Squill (light-pink star-shaped flowers, delicate scent)
· Scilla pratensis  Amethyst Meadow Squill (pyramidal blooms of lavender to royal blue)
· Scilla siberica alba White Siberian Squill, Spring Beauty (white)
· Scilla siberica 'Spring Beauty' Spring Beauty Siberian Squill (sky blue, terfffic naturalizer)
· Scilla tubergeniana  White Squill (very pale blue-white with darker mid-ribs)
¹ This is a Native Species and/or Nativar  

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